Welcome October

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Hello October!

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I absolutely love when the days get shorter; the nights and mornings are cool and crisp; and the as you walk the crunch of leaves are underneath your feet.  All my favorite things to do seem to be at this time of year!

What are my favorite things?

I love taking a walk in the woods.  It’s where I get my centering.  Something about being amongst the trees in nature allows me to see just how small I am and that there is a much higher purpose to life.  I find it to be completely relaxing.  Seems like the most stressful times of my life is when I crave a walk in the woods.


I love to bake.   Funny story when I decided I needed to find a hobby.  I took a quilting class and a baking class.  I dropped out of the baking class.  I love to bake, and this time of year only accelerates my longing to bake something delicious for my family.  This time of the year its all about the pie for me.  I love pie – apple, cherry, peach, chocolate, pecan, and pumpkin.  Really just about any pie I will devour – except for raisin pie. 


For me this time of year is a perfect time of year to kick off my holiday sewing projects.  I sew all year long, but this time of year start planning who is getting what for the Christmas season.  Because after all – Y’all Christmas is Comin’! 


What are your favorite things to do at this time of the year?  Please share them with us!

Welcome to October!

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