Planning for Success

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Planning for Success

I have often heard the saying “planning for success”.   When I hear this, I think – YEEES!!  That is so true.  To have success I must plan for it. Let’s talk about what does planning for success mean in our lives personally, professionally, and quilty. 

Recently, I have started taking a more active approach in taking care of my body.  I have fought the battle of the bulge since my teenage years.  As a youth, I would get a little pudgy, lose the weight and was good till life stresses hit me hard.  Then I would crumble and gain weight.  Only to repeat the cycle.  Get it together, lose weight, life stress hit, gain weight, repeat.  When I reflect upon this cycle I never plan for success.  I just approach my eating in a very laissez-faire fashion.  

I have finally reached the point where I am planning for the success in my weight.  So how am I planning? 

First, I have a buddy that is walking with me each morning Monday – Friday.  Having a friend to walk with not only makes the process more fun, which is a great benefit.  It also makes me accountable.  Accountability is so important when we change our habits.  It is also a commitment that my friend and I have to each other.  That commitment is each weekday morning at 7am we meet and walk. 

The other thing I have done is that I am planning meals.  Due to the schedule that I keep, cooking clean healthy dinners is difficult on a good day.  This past weekend I learned a new skill – Freezer Meal Prep.  How does that work?  Over the weekend, I prepped numerous meals to the final cook moment and then froze them in my deep freezer.  So far – it has been wonderful!  I can pull a meal out of the freezer, pop it in the oven and an hour later – dinner is served.  It has been just so awesome!  I think I have about a month worth of meals ready to go!

We can also plan for success in our quilty world.  What are you talking about Christy?  Many times, when I needed / wanted to work on various projects – I get a plan.  I set up a plan on when I am going to have a project done, what I need (want) to work on, when I am planning to have fabrics purchased, prepped, cut, etc.  So that I can dedicate specific times / days to work on a project.  I find when I plan my projects and set specific goals, then I can achieve success.

What are you doing to plan for success?

Happy Quiltin!


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