Christy's Corner (April 11, 2022)

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I can’t wait to share this with you all!! Last week I was FINALLY able to take a class with Robin Ruth who is the designer of the pieced Mariner’s Compass.  Before I go through and share the class photos, let me tell y’all the back story. 

On my bucket list is the Mariner’s Compass block.  Years ago (and I do mean years) I started trying to find the best technique for me to complete the Mariner’s Compass block.  I found pre-printed foundation papers, purchased them, tried a little bit and guess what….I still have the pre-printed foundation pages and I don’t have a Mariner’s Compass. 

Fast forward a then opened quilt shop was hosting a class on a 3-D Mariner’s Compass.  I signed up.  I bought the book.  I bought all the fabric.  Took the class.  Still no Mariner’s Compass. 

In 2017 I was attending a quilt event and met Robin with Robin Ruth Designs.  She was demonstrating a strip pieced Mariner’s Compass and suddenly the light bulbs went off, the heavens split, and angels sang.  What did I do, what every quilter does - I bought all of her rulers and (2) books.  Got it home and realized I needed to take her class.  Found out she was teaching in Paducah but found out too late as the class was sold out – sigh.  Then I got busy running a business, not paying attention to self-improvement opportunities.  When the pandemic came, traveling stopped as did quilt shows which resulted in limited opportunities to take classes.  I did see that Robin was offering Zoom classes – YAH!!!  I missed the cut off for the first one.  Finally, last week the planets aligned, and I was able to get in on Robin’s zoom class. 


I loved it and learned so much about piecing a Mariner’s compass.  Here are some photos.



Now here is the funny part…..I moved since first purchasing all of her tools and books.  Guess who now has (2) copies – yep me!

I need to do some more practicing, but I can definitely see some Mariner’s Compass Classes coming in the future!

 Here is the link to Robin's page:

Coming up this week I will be auditioning fabric for the 60-degree log cabin – stay tuned!!

Happy Quilting!


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