Youth Pillowcase Class

Make an easy-peasy roll-up pillowcase (for ages 10-18)

About this experience

DATE: Wednesday, December 28, 2022

TIME:  1-3.30 pm

This class is designed to teach basic sewing to youth ages 10-18 by making a roll-up pillowcase (sometimes called a burrito pillowcase method). It's super easy and they will want to make more! 

Please note: Youth ages 10-17 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT, OR ADULT RELATIVE!! Participants will be using a rotary cutter and rulers to cut fabric and individual supervision is critical.


  • Sewing machine (a few machines are available in classroom to rent for $10 per class session, first come first serve--let us know in advance to reserve one)

  • Fabric: 1 yard for body of pillowcase & 1/2 yard for the border (exact measurements will be provided in class for cutting)

  • Thread (to match fabric or a neutral color)

  • Scissors/thread snips

  • Recommended: Rotary cutter and acrylic ruler (at least 6'x12") - We only have a couple available to use in classroom

**All classes have a 4 student MINIMUM...have a friend take the class with you!