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We all have an angel in our life and maybe Gracie can be yours! It is all about fabric placement. Gracie combines two different sizes of courthouse steps log cabin blocks, 4 and 8-inch, both sizes created with the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool Duo. But you may want the smaller size as well since it is easier to manipulate when trimming the smaller size.

Since each round of logs is trimmed before the next round is added, perfection is guaranteed. Wouldn’t this be a great memory for a first communion?

Tip: Eliminate the math by cutting the strips using the line down the center of any of the Creative Grids 2-1/2 inch wide rectangles. This white line is at the 1-1/4 inch mark, the width of the strips needed to make this block.

Warning - these are like putting together jigsaw puzzles. Once you make one, you won't be able to stop! Check out all of Lisa DeBord's patterns in this series to see the complete collection.

40in x 40in.
CGRJAW10 is required. CGRJAWMN4 and CGRCUT45 are recommended.
Project Type: Quilt.
Fabric Type: Yardage Friendly.
Project Time: 6 Hours+.