Goals. Let's set some good ones!

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Personally, I like to have goals.  I find that if I have a goal , then I can break down the steps so that goal while it may be lofty can be easily completed.  Also, with a goal you can be held accountable.  For me accountability is key.  If I have someone holding me accountable than I am more likely to succeed.  

Same is true for quilting.  I have some goals for my quilting journey in 2022.  Here are my quilty goals for 2022:

  • I want to finally learn how to do a Mariner's Compass using the Robin Ruth tools.  I have the tools and have yet to make a pattern.  So time to get cracking!  So what does one of her patterns look like - check out this link:  

  • I have yet to make a Judy Niemeyer quilt and it is on my bucket list.  I am bedazzled by their intricate points and curves.  They are all just stunning and I am blown away by them all.  So this is my year to work up a Judy Niemeyer quilt.  Now it doesn't need to be a king size quilt.  So let's go with a table runner.  It still counts.  Besides this one is the Polish Star - how appropriate.  

Share with us, what are you quilting goals for 2022.

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Happy Quilting!


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