Christy's Corner April 4th Edition

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Christy’s Corner   


My life is in a corner.  My office is in the corner of the shop.  My computer is in a corner within my office. My sewing station in my apartment is in a corner.  There are a lot of corners in my life.  But with corners there comes the opportunity to “turn the corner” to something new and incredible.  With this weekly blog from my corner, I am hoping we turn the corner together to find the beautiful things we can create in our quilting world.


I want this to be a time we I can share what is going on not only in our shop but in our world personally.   This week, let me start with the personal side.  On March 30th we had a torrential rain in our town.  I have not seen so much rain so fast.  The creek that runs through our town was flowing at such a rate of speed that someone could have been easily swept away.  We have a very old building and with an aging building comes issues – lots of issues.  One of those issues are (2) very leaky roofs.  Wait – did you say (2) very leaky roofs?  Yes, I did.  See our very old building is really (3) buildings smushed together to make (1) giant building.  All (3) buildings have their own roofing system and (2) of the (3) are not good roofs.  In our apartment we had set out all of my grandmother’s nesting metal mixing bowls, moved furniture and watched as it dripped (more like rained) in our apartment.  Something is always happening with this very old building.  But in the drippiness that is my life, I am thankful.  I am thankful that roofing supplies are not on back order for 6 months!  Yay! But more importantly, I am thankful for my husband aka Mr. Quilter.  Mr. Quilter has a wealth of knowledge in repairing of broken things and soon – very soon Mr. Quilter will be installing (2) new roofs.   He is pretty amazing.


What is the next thing I am working on?  I have so many options to chose from.  But this one intrigues me so I hop I can get started on it soon – it’s Eleanor Burns new book, Diamond Log Cabin!  When I was at the Branson AQS Show, I saw this book and just HAD to have it.  I know none of you do that.  Y’all have much more self-control than I do. 


I LOVE a log cabin block, but the 60-degree diamond Log Cabin has been a bucket list item for some time.  I can not wait to dig into this beauty and then try to make it Studio 180 friendly – won’t that be fun. 


Log Cabin blocks are so easy and fun to create.  This just adds to the fun!  It will be awesome, and I cannot wait.


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