2022 Quilt a Long - Corner Beam

Posted by Christy Zawodniak on

WhooHoo!  This is the week we start quilting!  How exciting.  Each Tuesday morning, you will have a video available on YouTube and a link to the Google drive for the instructions.  Keep in mind the instructions are at a high level, for detailed construction you will need to refer to your Studio 180 Design Tool instructional sheet.  

Don't forget we have a Facebook group dedicated to just the Quilt-a-long.  Here is the link:  CLICK HERE.  Be sure to like that page for the latest news!

Now let's get started, here are your links:

Link to instructions:  CLICK HERE

Link to the YouTube instructions: CILCK HERE

Please give us feedback!  We want to hear from you so we can make it a better experience.  

Happy Quilting!


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